How computer’s device drivers work and how optimize them

A computer is exclusively made up of two parts, hardware and software which mutually work together to perform computer functions. Hardware refers to physical parts like keyboard, mouse, CPU, DVD/CD drives and other several devices that can be attached to a computer via its ports. All of these devices need to communicate. To facilitate communication software is required which majorly is the operating system i.e. Windows, Linux or Mac OS. Furthermore the operating system must understand how these devices works and this is accomplished through a device driver. The latter are instructions coded by the hardware’s manufacturer such that it can communicate with the operating system.

Device drivers operate on the operating system’s kernel mode that interacts directly with the system’s physical structure.Instead of an operating system accessing a device directly it loads the drivers and calls specific functions in software’s driver for it to execute specific tasks. Through the computer bus a device driver will communicate with the device to which the hardware is connected. When a routine in the driver is invoked by a calling program, the commands are issued by the driver to the device which responds to the command. When data is send back from the device to the driver, the original calling program might be invoked with routines from the driver. Drivers usually generate interrupt handling events and are specific to operating system and dependent on the hardware.Also, you can take advantage of PC Matic to get the newest drivers.

For example when a printer is connected to a computer and a specific device driver has been installed; a device entity is generated on the computer that is intended to be controlling the device. This entity symbolizes the printer together with its modes of the physical structure which allows the operating system of the computer to control its functionality. When an action is chosen on the printer this command is send to device driver via the operating system’s kernel and as a result a routine is invoked by the calling program to the device driver which then issues equivalent commands to micro-controllers inside the printer. Furthermore these micro-controllers control printer components like motors to start printing process.

How to optimize device drivers to maximize computer functionality

The most appropriate way to optimize device drivers is through updating them because manufacturers periodically improve on their device drivers for better performance. To achieve this you locate the device manager within the control panel of the computer which lists all the devices together with the condition of the driver whether its up to date or not . Devices with yellow exclamation mark icons are devices without installed drivers. This prompts why the device is not functioning hence poor computer performance. To fix this you need to know the information of the model to get the correct driver from the manufactures website support. If a computer device is not working well you need to update by right clicking and then clicking update driver but with consistent poor operation, the driver can be uninstalled from the device manager otherwise there is no need to update. Drivers are also downloaded from trusted sources like manufacturers tech support sites.